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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

  • Elizabeth soon gets over her shyness and becomes playful and flirty again.
  • She asks Mr. Darcy how he came to fall in love with her. It's the sort of lovey-dovey talk that never gets old between two new lovers but is extremely tiresome to everyone else, so we won't recap it—but definitely check it out for yourself.
  • One thing Lizzy says is that she's pretty sure what Darcy liked about her was that she didn't fawn all over him, like other women.
  • We also find out in this chapter that Mr. Bennet really enjoys letting Mr. Collins know that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are, in fact, engaged.
  • He advises Mr. Collins to remain in good standing with Mr. Darcy, who has, ahem, a lot more money than Lady Catherine.

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