Study Guide

The Princess Bride Revenge

By William Goldman


Inigo screamed. He could not believe it; it had not happened. He screamed again. His father was fine; soon they would have tea. He could not stop screaming. (5.353)

Inigo is so shocked when his father dies that his young mind can't even process what has happened. He tells himself that everything's going to be okay at first, but once the reality settles in, the only thing Inigo can think about is killing his father's murderer.

"I, Inigo Montoya, do challenge you, coward, pig, killer, ass, fool, to battle." (5.362)

Inigo challenges Count Rugen to battle with swords even though Count Rugen is a fully grown adult and a skilled swordsman. But Inigo is so overcome with rage that he's not thinking clearly. And it's not like time does anything to mellow him out; if anything, he just gets angrier as he grows up.

"I have spent all these years preparing to find the six-fingered man and kill him in a duel. But he is a master, Yeste." (5.453)

Inigo might be blind with revenge, but he's no fool, and he realizes that the man he's trying to track down is an extremely skilled swordsman. So the only way for Inigo to make sure of his revenge is to spend every waking moment becoming a better sword fighter. Say hello to the next decade of your life, Inigo.

"Am I ready? If you say I am, I will seek him through the world. If you say no, I will spend another ten years and another ten after that, if that is needed." (5.453)

Inigo is full of hatred, but also patient. He's willing to wait for as long as it takes to become good enough to kill his father's murderer. He'd better hurry a little, though, before the other dude dies of old age.

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die." (5.475)

A-ha… Here we have one of the most famous lines in this entire book. Inigo says this line at least six different times, and every time he does, you get some pretty solid insight into just how obsessive he is about avenging his dad's death.

Inigo had only one problem: he could not find the enemy. (5.477)

Now that Inigo has finally become the most skilled swordsman in the world, there's just one little problem: He can't find the dude who killed his father. And that's surprising, since there can't be a whole lot of rich noblemen out there who have six fingers.

Inigo, at the age of twenty-seven, began having a few extra glasses of wine at night, to help him get to sleep. (5.485)

Inigo doesn't really know how to deal with the disappointment of failing to find his father's murderer, so he turns to drinking and spends a lot of time sitting around drunk. After all, it's not easy to realize that you've thrown away more than ten years of your life.

"You took [my heart] when I was ten; I want yours now. We are lovers of justice, you and I—what could be more just than that?" (8.123)

When Inigo finally finds Count Rugen (the man who killed his father), he is quick to explain exactly why he plans on killing Rugen. Rugen, you see, doesn't really recognize him. After all, as much as the day Domingo Montoya died was the most important day in Inigo's life, for Count Rugen, it was just another Tuesday.

The Count screamed one final time and then fell dead of fear. (8.124)

And there you have it: After all those years of practicing with his sword, Inigo watches as Count Rugen dies from fear. Now to be fair, his heart was also nearly cut out, so he didn't have all that much time left anyway.

It was 5:50 when he staggered from the room, heading he knew not where or for how long. (8.127)

The job is done and Inigo has finally avenged his father. Now as he staggers out of the room where he killed Rugen, he's not really sure what he should do or where he should go. But that sort of thing happens when you dedicate you whole life to a goal and then finally achieve it.

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