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The Princess Bride Buttercup's Baby Overview

By William Goldman

Buttercup's Baby Overview

An Explanation

  • So now the original text of The Princess Bride has ended. But Goldman isn't finished with us yet, because in the 25th anniversary edition of the book, he gives us the first chapter of Morgenstern's sequel, which is called Buttercup's Baby.
  • This chapter basically describes how Goldman wanted to do an abridgment to Morgenstern's sequel to The Princess Bride, but wasn't allowed to because his publishing house wanted Stephen King to do the abridgment instead. Goldman, though, eventually convinced Stephen to let him have a crack at it.
  • Oh yeah, and Goldman also explains why he was never able to make good on his earlier promise to write a reunion scene between Westley and Buttercup and put it on the internet. Turns out that he was legally prevented from doing this by the estate of S. Morgenstern. Ain't that just the worst luck?

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