Study Guide

The Princess Bride Chapter 2

By William Goldman

Chapter 2

The Groom

  • William Goldman breaks in on us in this chapter to tell us that he's taken out a whole chunk of the original Morgenstern version of The Princess Bride. He tells us that it's way too boring to read and that he wants to get us back to the plot of the story as quickly as possible. So here we go.
  • We get a description of Humperdinck, Prince of Florin (the country where all the action takes place). According to the author, Humperdinck is basically a giant barrel of a man who walks like a crab.
  • In order to constantly prove what a strong man and great hunter he is, Humperdinck designs a Zoo of Death for himself and gets his lackeys to stock it with all of the deadliest animals in the world so he can hunt them.
  • The Zoo has five levels going deeper underground, each with a more dangerous kind of animal than the one before. Humperdinck intentionally leaves the fifth level empty, with the hope that he'll someday find something worthy to put in it.
  • While murdering a giant ape one day, Humperdinck gets news that his father, the king, is dying. He is annoyed, since this means that he'll have to get married.

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