Study Guide

The Princess Bride Chapter 3

By William Goldman

Chapter 3

The Courtship

  • Humperdinck meets with his father, his mother, and Count Rugen to discuss the future of the kingdom of Florin.
  • They all decide that it'll be best if Humperdinck marries a princess from the neighboring country of Guilder. But an unfortunate dinner incident reveals to Humperdinck that the princess is completely bald, and he can't stand the idea of being laughed at for having a bald wife, so the deal is off.
  • They're back to the drawing board as far as finding a princess goes, so Count Rugen steps in and says he already knows a good candidate.
  • Next thing you know, Humperdinck is riding with Count Rugen to Buttercup's family farm.
  • Humperdinck is concerned about marrying a milkmaid, but the moment he sees Buttercup, he says he'll take her. You know, like an object.
  • Humperdinck rides right up to Buttercup and, without introduction, orders her to marry him. She asks if she has to, and he says he'll have her killed if she doesn't. Since her one true love is already dead, Buttercup decides there can be no harm in having a loveless marriage to Humperdinck. It's better than death, anyway.

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