Study Guide

The Princess Bride Marriage

By William Goldman


It's probably not surprising that marriage is a major theme in a book called The Princess Bride, and from the very first chapter, it's clear this book is going to center on the marriage of Buttercup to Prince Humperdinck. But Humperdinck's not Buttercup's true love, so when Westley comes back from the dead and decides to rescue her, adventure ensues. And of course, The Princess Bride is more or less a fairytale, it's fitting that there's some sort of marriage that needs to be stopped. It's pretty classic fairytale plot material.

Questions About Marriage

  1. Why does Buttercup agree to marry Humperdinck in the first place? Support your answer with specific evidence from the text.
  2. Does Buttercup end up marrying Humperdinck or not? What's her plan for the future once Westley storms the castle?
  3. In your opinion, do classic love stories put too much emphasis on marriage when they should be more focused on love? Why or why not?

Chew on This

In The Princess Bride, marriage doesn't really matter one way or the other because love conquers all.

In The Princess Bride, marriage is considered to be the end of the line as far as a person's love life is concerned.

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