Study Guide

The Princess Bride Revenge

By William Goldman


What's a classic adventure story like The Princess Bride without a great revenge plot? In this book, we need to look no further than Inigo Montoya, the swashbuckling Spaniard who has dedicated his entire life to hunting down and killing the man who murdered his father. We're given painstaking details on every last bit of Inigo's training, and constantly reminded of just how obsessed this young man is with avenging his father. It's pretty much his sole purpose in life, and because of this, we get to see just how much of a toll revenge can take on the person seeking it.

Questions About Revenge

  1. How long does Inigo actually spend planning his revenge? Does it seem like a reasonable amount of time for you?
  2. Are there any characters besides Inigo who are interested in revenge in this book? If so, who and why?
  3. Why does Count Rugen kill Domingo Montoya in the first place? Do you think he has any idea of what a great swordsman Inigo will one day become?

Chew on This

In The Princess Bride, William Goldman shows us that there's really no point to revenge because once we have it, we just end up feeling empty anyway.

According to The Princess Bride, there's nothing more satisfying than getting revenge on someone.

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