Study Guide

Ready Player One Narrator Point of View

By Ernest Cline

Narrator Point of View

First-person:Ā Wade Watts

From the prologue of Ready Player One, we learn that the narrator, Wade Watts, is looking back on the events of the book from some point in the future, although we're not sure how far ahead. He says that pretty much every telling of his story has been wrong and we "want[s] to set the record straight, once and for all" (0.53).

Setting the record straight means making himself out to be an almost infallible hero. Any of his mistakes and flaws are glossed over and sugarcoated and Wade, in general, lacks introspection. He's also less concerned with telling us why the '80s were important to Halliday and more interested in just saying that they were awesome, period. Frankly, since his narrative is focused purely on himself, we have to wonder just how accurate his story really is.