Study Guide

Aunt Alice Deppert in Ready Player One

By Ernest Cline

Aunt Alice Deppert

She Makes Privet Drive Look Like Paradise

Aunt Alice is Wade's only living relative (but not for long!). Like Sorrento and the other bad guys in the story, Aunt Alice has no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. She's reminds us of a more evil, less-developed version of Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia. She's the sister of Wade's dead mother, and while living with her, Wade has to hide out in the laundry room to escape his aunt's wrath, kind of like Harry Potter had to live in a closet under the stairs.

Alice is a wee bit trashier than Petunia though. She only took Wade in so she could get extra food stamps from the government. She's a drug addict, steals Wade's things to pawn them off for money, and uses her tattooed boyfriend, Rick, to generally bully Wade around. She meets a much grislier fate than Petunia, too. Alice, Rick, and dozens of other people are assumed dead after Sorrento's bomb goes off. Wade feels pretty much zero remorse for her death. Is that a little heartless, or does she deserve even less?

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