Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 10

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 10


  • As he leaves the Tomb of Horrors, Wade sees (and subsequently ignores) dozens of messages from Aech, who's seen that Parzival found the Copper Key.
  • Believing the riddle from the key is guiding him to Middletown, a replica of Halliday's hometown of Middletown, OH, Wade heads there in search of the gate. 
  • On the way to Halliday's house, Wade sees that Art3mis has obtained the Copper Key. But there's no time to delay; he must press on.
  • The "trash" from the riddle is a slang term for the TRS-80 computer, a replica of which sits in Halliday's bedroom. Near it, a copy of the game Dungeons of Daggorath.
  • After beating this game-within-a-game, the gate appears inside a movie poster of WarGames
  • Parzival inserts the Copper Key into the keyhole, and falls into the starry abyss that opens in the poster.

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