Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 13

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 13


  • Unsurprisingly, I-r0k lets the cat out of the bag, and two more gunters find the key: Daito and Shoto.Ā 
  • Wade puzzles over the Jade Key riddle, which he's taken to calling the Quatrain, but he's coming no closer to solving the thing.
  • In the meantime, endorsement-deal offers come pouring in. Companies want to use Parzival's likeness for products because, you know, he's a total stud.
  • Without revealing his true identity, Wade takes them up on their offers.
  • He's a little more hesitant to respond to the 5,000 messages from the head of IOI, Nolan Sorrento. Nothing good can come of that, right?
  • After a quick internal debate, he decides to open up a chatlink with Sorrento to discuss his business proposition.

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