Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 15

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 15


  • Back in the OASIS, Parzival tells Aech that Sorrento blew up his house. Needless to say, this ups the stakes of the Easter egg Hunt quite a bit.
  • It seems that Wade's resistance was futile, because that I-r0k told IOI where to find the Copper Key. Sixer ships have taken over Ludus. 
  • Aech calls a meeting of the High Five, the top five on the scoreboard: Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, Daito, and Shoto. 
  • They briefly talk about forming an alliance, but all of them want to go it alone. Well, Daito and Shoto want to go solo together, whatever the word for that is.
  • So, that meeting accomplished nothing.
  • Strangely, before Aech and Parzival logout, a stack of comic books falls over.
  • They decided it must be a glitch, and logout.

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