Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 20

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 20


  • Now that we've seen Wade's real-life apartment, it's time to take a tour of Parzival's OASIS stronghold: an asteroid named Falco.
  • He also tells us about OASIS elections and streaming TV stations.
  • Overall, it seems like a pretty lonely life. Despite being connected to everything online, Parzival's friendships with Aech and Art3mis have been broken, and he can't rebuild them yet.
  • When he needs help completing a Japanese-language quest, he teams up with Daito and Shoto, whom he hasn't seen since the ill-fated Basement meeting in Chapter 15.
  • Completing the quest earns them Hayata's Beta Capsule, an artifact that lets its user transform into Ultraman for three minutes. Parzival lets Daito and Shoto keep it as a peace offering.
  • Afterward, Wade has to go to work. Real work as a tech support agent in a virtual OASIS-based call center.
  • When his ten-hour shift ends, Wade discovers that Art3mis has found the Jade Key.

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