Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 22

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 22


  • Deep inside Archaide, Parzival discovers a place he didn't know existed: Happytime Pizza, a recreation of Halliday's childhood pizza joint.
  • A variety of arcade games have been recreated inside, including a Pac-Man machine with a high score of 3,333,350 points. That's ten points shy of the fabled perfect score.
  • Wade realizes he's found an Easter egg. Not Halliday's legacy egg, but a different one. He attempts to play a perfect game of Pac-Man. Halliday's game was the fastest ever, just under four hours. It looks like that record's been broken by this guy, who finished a perfect game in 3.5 hours in January 2012.
  • When he plays the perfect game, Parzival is able to pick up a quarter that had previously been stuck to the machine. He has no idea what the magic quarter does, but you can bet he's gonna hang onto it.
  • After the game, he has an e-mail from Aech, who has also claimed the Jade Key. Attached is an image of the instruction manual for the classic PC game Zork.
  • Wade knows that the planet Frobozz is home to a detailed recreation of Zork, so off he goes.

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