Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 23

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 23


  • The planet Frobozz is in Sector Seven, which is overrun with Sixer ships, so Parzival has to use his Ring of Teleportation to beam himself into one of the 512 instances of Zork on the planet's surface. 
  • After completing the game, Parzival is able to blow the whistle he finds inside a box of Cap'n Crunch hidden inside a cupboard in the white house of Zork. A box of cereal that isn't in the actual game. Mmm, now we want Crunch Berries. 
  • The whistle morphs into a foil-covered key. Parzival unwraps the foil and discovers the Jade Key. And another riddle: "Continue your quest by taking the test" (23.37).
  • Fleeing Frobozz before the Sixers annihilate him and his spaceship, Parzival sends an apology e-mail to Aech for being a jerk. 
  • Then, he sits and watches the scoreboard as Sixer after Sixer finds the key. Even more shocking is when Daito disappears from the board altogether. He's just been killed.

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