Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 25

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 25


  • Shoto arrives at Parzival's stronghold with bad news: Daito didn't just die in-game. He died in real life. The Sixers killed him, and not in the virtual sense.
  • For some reason, Wade has trouble believing this, even though the Sixers blew up his entire trailer park.Ā 
  • Shoto spills the beans on his true identity, including his real name, Akihide. If folks are dying for real, maybe it's time these characters got honest.
  • The item Daito willed to Parzival is Hayata's Beta Capsule, the artifact that allows its user to transform into Ultraman.
  • In exchange, Parzival gives Shoto a Masamune sword. So who got the fuzzy end of that lollipop?

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