Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 31

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 31


  • The whole shebang of IOI files clocks in at a whopping ten zettabytes. How big is that? Well, "A zettabyte is equivalent to about 250 billion DVDs" (source), so 250 billion DVDs times ten is... carry the oneā€¦ a whole lot of Samuel L. Jackson movies.
  • Wade disguises himself as a maintenance tech with the codename Harry Tuttle, which is Robert de Niro's character in the movie Brazil, and manages to just walk out of IOI without incident. Piece o' cake.
  • He picks up some new equipment from a UPS store-type mailbox location and e-mails Aech, Art3mis and Shoto the info that their lives are at risk and they should get out of Dodge, pronto.
  • Then he erases Bryce Lynch and is back to being Wade Watts again.
  • Next stop: a "defense dispenser," which is a vending machine for weapons. Wade grabs a bullet-proof vest, a gun, and some ammo, in case he needs to defend himself in the real world.
  • After that, he heads to the Plug, an Internet cafe for OASIS users. Once safe inside, he uploads all the incriminating evidence on IOI and Sorrento to the media, then he logs into Aech's Basement to meet up with the gang.

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