Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 32

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 32


  • Inside the privacy of Aech's Basement, Parzival tells the gang about his daring adventure into the heart of IOI. He also spills that he saw a picture of Art3mis, which makes her mad that he didn't respect her privacy (even though his nosiness saved her life).
  • They fill Parzival in on Sorrento's repeated, failed attempts at opening the Third Gate. 
  • Over the gate are three words: "Faith, hope, charity" (32.61). It's a clue: lyrics from Schoolhouse Rock! again. "Three Is a Magic Number."
  • That means that three people must try to open the Third Gate simultaneously. Easy, right? Oh, except for that giant shield surrounding the castle.
  • Parzival has a plan for that, too. First, he sends an e-mail to all OASIS users, imploring them to come together against IOI for the integrity of the Hunt. The rest of the plan, well, he's keeping it a secret for now.
  • The main problem is that the four major members of the group are homeless, and on the run for their lives. 
  • Suddenly, Ogden Morrow pops into existence in the corner of the chat room. If his avatar had a name, it would be deus ex machina.

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