Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 35

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 35


  • A huge fight ensues between pretty much all of OASIS and the Sixers, plus all the giant robots still battling it out. 
  • Shoto faces off against Sorrento in Mechagodzilla, saying he "owe[s] this son of a b**** some payback" (35.25). We're not sure how destroying someone's video game robot will avenge an actual, real-life death, but whatever makes him feel better.
  • Unfortunately, Sorrento vaporizes him and blows apart Parzival's robot in the process.
  • Parzival still has the Beta Capsule, though, and transforms into Ultraman. 
  • With an Ultraman Ultra-Slice, he cleaves Mechagodzilla in half. Sorrento ejects, but Parzival blasts him out of the air with a laser, and kills his avatar.
  • After transforming back into Parzival, he enters Castle Anorak. With a little help from his friends, Art3mis and Aech, he unlocks the Third Gate.
  • As they step inside a sound "like the entire universe […] cracking in half" (35.74) goes off, and they all die. Game over, man! Game over!

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