Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 37

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 37


  • The Third Gate's first challenge is a game of Tempest. No, not Shakespeare. The arcade game, of course. 
  • Even though he only has one credit, Parzival uses a trick to get 40 more to help him achieve a high score.
  • As if there were any doubt, he does it. On to stage 2!
  • Stage 2 is another Flicksync, a challenge to perfectly imitate a movie, like WarGames inside the First Gate. This time, it's Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Meanwhile, the Sixers are playing Tempest, so Parzival has to ace this, or OASIS is lost forever.
  • He does it! After the movie, he's transported to a recreation of Halliday's office. 
  • The Easter egg must be hidden inside.

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