Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 38

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 38


  • First, Parzival has to log in to Halliday's computer. He tries a few passwords, finally succeeding with "Leucosia," the alias of Kira Morrow, whom Halliday was in love with.
  • Once it boots up, he races over to the Atari 2600 and plugs in the game Adventure, playing his way through to the secret room containing the very first video game Easter egg.
  • When he finds it, an egg appears on the monitor of Halliday's computer. Parzival is able to reach inside and grab it. He's done it! Mission accomplished.
  • Anorak, Halliday's avatar, appears and congratulates him. He gives him all his money, and powers up Parzival to infinity on all his stats. 
  • He also points out a giant red button: an emergency shut-down for OASIS, which would delete it and all its source code, removing OASIS from the world permanently. 
  • Finally, he tells Parzival that he shouldn't hide in OASIS forever. He should join reality and really live.
  • Wade logs out, and receives congratulations from Aech and Og.
  • They also learn that Sorrento has been arrested for all his illegal activity, like murder, during the competition.
  • Wade worries that he will get off without punishment, because he can hire the best lawyers around. Aech reminds him that with all of Halliday's money, they can hire a team just as good, if not better, and put Sorrento in his place.

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