Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 4

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 4


  • This is mainly an exposition chapter set around Wade's World History class. We get a double dose of World History here, about two different worlds.
  • (1) Our own world: Wade learns about the world. Obviously. With the help of OASIS, his teachers can take him on a virtual tour of pretty much anywhere, anytime, like the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922. Hey, Shmoop wants to go.
  • (2) OASIS: Wade tells us about the history and makeup of the OASIS. It's divided up into 27 sectors (so it looks like a Rubik's Cube), and divided further into different zones. Some allow magic, some allow technology, some allow neither, and some allow both. There are also some zones where PvP, or Player versus Player, combat is allowed. Check out our "Setting" section to learn more about OASIS.
  • The OASIS has pretty much taken over the world, with people using it for school, work, shopping, and socializing.
  • Wade can only use it for school. He's stuck on planet Ludus, with no money to get anywhere else. OASIS charges real money for pretty much anything you want to do in game, and Wade doesn't have any. Unemployment runs rampant in 2045, even virtually speaking.

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