Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 6

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 6


  • Wade has one more class to sit through: Latin. He seems to think this class is what we'd call Boringus Maximus, so it's time for more exposition.Ā 
  • This time around we learn all about Anorak's Almanac, the digital guide to Halliday's life. You might call it a Strategy Guide to the Hunt.
  • Wanting to read it even without an Internet connection, Wade says he printed out a hard copy of the guide and keeps in a binder. Heavens to Betsy, how big is this binder? Wade told us earlier this guide is over 1,000 pages long. That would be almost 10 pounds of paper he's carrying around in his backpack. And he tells us he doesn't get a lot of physical exercise?
  • Wade tells us about all of Halliday's favorite authors, movies, music, video games, etc. And Wade says he's read, watched, played, breathed, ate, and pooped them all.
  • Not that we're counting, but it's well over 400 books, 300 hours of movies, and who knows how much TV and music. In four years! When he says he has "no life whatsoever" (6.49), he's not joking.
  • At the end of the chapter, Wade shares his Copper Key theory with us. He believes it's hidden in the Tomb of Horrors, a recreation of the Dungeons and Dragons module of the same name.
  • Finding the Tomb of Horrors? That's the hard part.

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