Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 7

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 7


  • To relieve boredom from Latin class, Wade sings a Schoolhouse Rock! song to himself. 
  • Making a connection between the Latin word ludus, meaning "school," "sport," or "game," Wade decides that the Tomb of Horrors must be on the school planet, Ludus. 
  • It seems that Halliday was a big benefactor for the OASIS virtual school system, so to Wade, it makes sense that Halliday might stash the Copper Key there.
  • Plus, he might want a high school kid to find it. Who better to give a multi-billion dollar fortune to than a teenager?
  • After class, Wade scans the surface of the planet for a formation matching that of the Tomb of Horrors in the Dungeons and Dragon book.
  • He finds it! There's just one problem: it's clear across the planet, near Aech's school, and Wade's avatar has no method of transportation or teleportation. What, no bikes in OASIS?
  • Doing some quick thinking, he realizes that the school offers free teleportation to sporting events on the planet. His school is playing a virtual football game against OPS #0571, which is about an hour's run from the Tomb of Horrors.
  • Wade tells Aech he has homework, and teleports across the planet instead. In the forest, he finds the Tomb of Horrors and goes inside. Well, that was easy.

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