Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 8

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 8


  • Wade knows his way around the Tomb of Horrors from studying the original D&D module. He dodges traps, evades monsters, and snags some sweet loot along the way.
  • Inside the Pillared Throne Room, however, the lich, Acererak, awaits. Wade says he "appeared exactly as he did on the cover of the original Tomb of Horrors module" (8.10), which we happen to have right here.
  • Even though he's sure he'll be killed instantly, Wade tells Acererak that he's come for the Copper Key.
  • Lucky for Wade, he doesn't have to beat the Acererak in a physical duel. He has to best him at Joust. This Joust.
  • It's best two out of three. Wade loses the first round. Before beginning the second, he asks the lich to trade places. Wade is used to playing in the Player One spot on the left. They trade, and Wade does better this time.
  • So much better, in fact, that he wins. He earns the Copper Key and a riddle as to the location of the copper gate: "What you seek lies hidden in the trash on the deepest level of Daggorath." (8.64)
  • Before he can race off to investigate, another avatar enters the Tomb. Dun dun dun.

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