Study Guide

Ready Player One Immortality

By Ernest Cline


Videogame characters have it easy. Sure, they might get shot in the head, dropped into boiling lava, or squished by falling blocks, but they always come back. People on the other hand, not so much. We've got one shot at life, no re-tries, no continues, no 1-up mushrooms before one day it's Game Over. But people still search for eternal life. Although James Halliday didn't find it before his death, his avatar and his legacy live on inside the OASIS. Whether Wade achieves immortality or not, his fame will live on a long time in the world of Ready Player One. Plus, the myriad references in the book serve as an eternal testament to these films, books, games, and their creators.

Questions About Immortality

  1. In what ways does Halliday achieve immortality?
  2. Wade's avatar, Parzival, gets infinite health and experience points as a reward for winning the contest. How will this change his OASIS experience? Will it change his real life in any way?
  3. Is Wade comfortable with death?

Chew on This

When death isn't possible, like in the OASIS, it's easy to forget that your actions have consequences, like when Wade calls Sorrento's bluff, resulting in the bomb explosion that kills dozens of real people. His bad.

The OASIS, and the book Ready Player One itself, are ways to preserve certain people, games, movies, etc. forever, creating an artificial kind of immortality.

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