Study Guide

Ready Player One Versions of Reality

By Ernest Cline

Versions of Reality

Everyone needs an escape. Whether it's movies, television, books, or something else, everybody has their own method of getting away from reality for a while. In Ready Player One, the de facto escape around the world has become the OASIS, an MMO game so realistic, it's hard to tell it from reality. It sounds both awesome and a little dangerous at the same time, and the book explores what happens when virtual reality loses the "virtual" part, and becomes the main world a person lives in. Hint: nothing good (for the most part).

Questions About Versions of Reality

  1. Is the OASIS inherently bad? Or good? Or is it what a user does with it that matters?
  2. Let's get meta-physical: Is OASIS real?
  3. Why is OASIS more immersive and addictive than the video games of today, or of the '80s?
  4. How does living in the OASIS, a virtual world where anything is possible, affect a user's perception of the real world?

Chew on This

As Wade becomes more and more obsessive about his quest, he starts acting like the OASIS is real. Because of that, it gets easier and easier for us as readers to forget that we're reading a virtual reality simulation.

The OASIS is virtual reality, but the people playing it are real; their actions have real-life consequences, and that's what really matters.

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