Study Guide

The Red and the Black Part 2, Chapter 14

By Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle)

Part 2, Chapter 14

A Young Girl's Thoughts

  • Mathilde waits for some sort of reply to her letter to Julien. She is overwhelmed with happiness.
  • Meanwhile, Julien gets a servant to put his trunk near the front door to make Mathilde think he has left for Languedoc. He does this just to tease her desire a little more.
  • He runs into Mathilde later the next night and hands her his written reply to her note. She takes it and runs away.
  • About an hour later, Mathilde shows up at the door of the study and throws a letter at him, running away again.
  • He writes another letter quickly and gives it to Mathilde while passing her on the stairs.
  • He gets a third letter from Mathilde that night, which shows him just how obsessed she's become. He gets nervous, though, when he reads the letter and finds out that Mathilde wants him to meet her in the garden at one a.m.
  • She says there'll be a ladder there that can lead him up to her room. Now he really thinks he's being led into a trap, because this sounds too bold to be true.

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