Study Guide

The Red and the Black Part 2, Chapter 24

By Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle)

Part 2, Chapter 24


  • While waiting to reconnoiter with the duke, Julien just hangs out and feels bad about his life. He knows he'll never be respected by the de La Mole family and never loved by Mathide. He feels like he's gotten nowhere in his life, despite how others might see it.
  • While riding his horse one day, he runs into Prince Korasoff, his old buddy from his trip to England.
  • He quickly realizes that if he acted more like Korasoff, Mathilde wouldn't have dumped him. Korasoff acts like he's totally better than everyone around him, and this is what Mathilde is looking for.
  • Korasoff gives Julien tips to help him win back Mathilde. His main advice is for Julien to start paying a lot of attention to some other woman and to always do it in front of Mathilde. This will make her jealous.
  • To make things easier, Korasoff gives Julien a stack of love letters for him to copy out and give to this new woman one by one. Korasoff promises that they'll win the woman's heart, making the defeat all the more bitter for Mathilde.
  • Julien leaves to meet the duke again, feeling confident that he can follow Korasoff's instructions.

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