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The Red Badge of Courage Themes

By Stephen Crane

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Men and Masculinity



Man and the Natural World

Respect and Reputation


Discover The Red Badge of Courage’s Themes

Written by Stephen Crane, this classic novel takes place during the Civil War. Focused on the thoughts and actions surrounding the main character, Henry, it depicts the life of soldiers during the war. Throughout the story, various themes for The Red Badge of Courage are developed and come into clear focus by the novel’s conclusion.

Learning Themes for The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage places importance on the themes listed above, exploring each topic through the interplay of the characters. The Red Badge of Courage’s themes largely surround the inner conflict of soldiers and the concepts of war.

Considering it’s in the title itself, one of the prominent themes that is discussed is courage, and Henry’s desire to prove it. Readers of the novel put themselves in Henry’s shoes as he experiences the reality of enlisting in the army, along with the horrors of warfare.

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