Study Guide

The Return of the Native Book 1, Chapter 4

By Thomas Hardy

Book 1, Chapter 4

The Halt on the Turnpike Road

  • Olly and Mrs. Yeobright walk and talk and we get the lowdown on the Thomasin situation.
  • Basically Wildeve is kind of a playboy and Mrs. Yeobright therefore does not approve of him.
  • Suddenly the reddleman comes up the road.
  • He tells Mrs. Yeobright that he has Thomasin in his van. She came up to him crying earlier that day and said she needed a ride home.
  • The reddleman's name is Diggory Venn, and he used to be pals with Thomasin.
  • Mrs. Yeobright is very concerned and she goes to wake Thomasin.
  • Thomasin is very upset but she manages to pull herself together enough to get out of Venn's van and send him on his way.
  • Her aunt demands to know what the heck is going on.
  • Thomasin is so grounded.