Study Guide

The Return of the Native Book 3, Chapter 6

By Thomas Hardy

Book 3, Chapter 6

Yeobright Goes, and the Breach Is Complete

  • Clym leaves home and goes to set up his new digs.
  • He walks to his cottage.
  • It's a rainy, ominous day. Is Hardy giving us a hint here?
  • Clym then goes back home to get his things, which is really awkward.
  • He also announces that he'll be getting married on the 25th.
  • Mrs. Yeobright says she doesn't plan to visit, and Clym leaves.
  • We stay with Mrs. Yeobright, who's depressed but hides it by being angry.
  • Thomasin swings by to ask for some advice – she needs some money and Damon won't give her any.
  • Mrs. Yeobright tells her to quit being a doormat and ask for some.
  • She worries about how Damon is treating Thomasin.
  • Then she tells Thomasin that she'll give her the inheritance early.
  • The two women discuss Clym and Thomasin tries to convince her aunt to give him a chance.
  • She reassures her aunt that Clym doesn't hate her and she tries to get her aunt to speak to Clym.
  • But Mrs. Yeobright refuses.
  • We cut over to Wildeve, who's busy gossiping with a local.
  • Wildeve learns that Eustacia is engaged to Clym and Wildeve is shocked.
  • He then decides that he's really in love with Eustacia after all. Drama.