Study Guide

The Return of the Native Book 5, Chapter 6

By Thomas Hardy

Book 5, Chapter 6

Thomasin Argues with Her Cousin, and He Writes a Letter

  • During all of this, Clym is hanging out at his mother's house, feeling quite sorry for himself.
  • He communes with nature, which Park Ranger Hardy describes in detail.
  • Clym's feelings towards Eustacia are very complicated but he's starting to feel a bit bad about everything and wants to possibly reconcile.
  • So Clym decides to ask Thomasin for advice and he goes to visit her.
  • He tells her about his separation and his near-ruined marriage.
  • Thomasin is shocked and concerned and advises him to write Eustacia a letter and work things out.
  • Clym says he'll write a letter, but he wants to give her a few more days to come groveling to him.
  • Clym then asks about Thomasin's marriage and she gets embarrassed about it. Damon is rarely home.
  • Clym leaves and goes back home to write Eustacia a letter. He basically says she deserves to suffer but he can find it in herself to forgive her if she'll apologize.
  • Then he sets it aside to deliver it tomorrow.
  • Damon comes home and Thomasin asks where he was since she was getting worried.
  • He gives vague answers and acts like a smug punk to her.
  • Poor Thomasin brings up his relationship with Eustacia and Damon gets mad at her.
  • He quickly apologizes and tells Thomasin to just drop the subject.