Study Guide

The Return of Sherlock Holmes Allusions

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Literary and Philosophical References

  • Mr. Pickwick from Charles Dickens's The Pickwick Papers (Milverton.1.16)
  • Athena (Milverton.1.88)
  • Nihilists (Six Napoleons.81, 10.161)
  • Anarchists (Six Napoleons.81)
  • Sleepy Hollow (Three-Quarter.164)
  • vox populi, vox Dei (Abbey Grange.175)

Historical References

  • The Jubilee (Dancing Men.28)
  • Saxon invaders (Black Peter.2.1)
  • Napoleonic Wars (throughout story 8)
  • The Italian Mafia (Six Napoleons.104)
  • The Borgias (Six Napoleons.142)
  • The Crimean War (Pince-Nez.21)
  • Pompey (Three-Quarter.66-83)
  • Waterloo (Abbey Grange.95)
  • Marengo (Abbey Grange.95)
  • Suez Canal (Abbey Grange.115)
  • Rock of Gibraltar (Abbey Grange.115)

Pop Culture References

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