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Freddy Honeychurch in A Room with a View

By E.M. Forster

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Freddy Honeychurch

Freddy is seriously a laugh and a half. He’s easily our favorite minor character – the affable, silly, slightly odd younger brother we all wish we had. He’s emblematic of a couple of things: first (and most importantly), youth. Freddy has things even less figured out than Lucy does, but he’s doing his best to enjoy the last of his carefree boyhood. Freddy is also the image of a good son, who realizes that he has certain duties and does his best to fulfill them, even if he messes them up more often than not. Freddy’s kind of a fool, but he’s a lovable one – a truly good-spirited, good-hearted, and unpretentious guy. Finally, how could you not love a character that says things like “I’ve swallowed a pollywog. It wriggleth in my tummy…”?

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