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A Room with a View Part 2, Chapter 14

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Part 2, Chapter 14

  • The plans are set – Charlotte will come to stay at Windy Corner, and George will come to play tennis with Freddy on Sunday. Lucy feels disaster approaching.
  • Lucy’s feelings for George are complicated; he makes her nervous, but she wants to be near him. The narrator wisely notes that it’s obvious to us (the readers) that Lucy is in love with George, but it’s far from obvious to her. Instead, she is confused, still believing that she loves Cecil instead.
  • We learn that Lucy and George had another meeting (after the awkward pond encounter), in which they seem to have gotten along quite well – in a post-conversation instant replay with Mr. Beebe (who witnessed the meeting), Lucy observes that George seems to be in better spirits. She can’t stop thinking about him, and wishes he was nearby.
  • Charlotte arrives, after much drama (she got lost), then further drama ensues as she attempts to pay the cab driver. Everyone is in an uproar; Lucy is in a foul mood.
  • Charlotte, of course, immediately wants to discuss the Emerson situation in her usual melodramatic fashion. Lucy demonstrates that she certainly has changed – she takes over the conversation and essentially brushes Charlotte off, telling her not to worry.

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