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A Room with a View Part 2, Chapter 15

By E.M. Forster

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Part 2, Chapter 15

  • It’s a beautiful Sunday, and the Honeychurch women, plus Minnie Beebe and Charlotte, are on their way to church. Afterwards, they run in to the Emersons outside Cissie Villa.
  • Lucy introduces Mrs. Honeychurch to Mr. Emerson and George. They discuss the predicament of the Miss Alans; Mr. Emerson feels bad, but George doesn’t.
  • George comments that there’s only a limited amount of kindness in the world. Mrs. Honeychurch, somewhat surprisingly, agrees heartily with him. Lucy suspects that George and her mother will get along well. She also notes his affectionate attitude towards his father.
  • Charlotte comes up, and predictably, is barely civil to the Emersons.
  • George says he will try to make it to tennis at Windy Corner that afternoon.
  • Lucy is overjoyed because George has obviously not told his father about their kiss in Italy. She’s in a great mood when the women arrive back at Windy Corner, and her high spirits continue through a very pleasant lunch. She’s especially nice to Cecil.
  • After lunch, Lucy entertains by playing the piano. She stops when George arrives; Freddy, bored, suggests a game of tennis.
  • Cecil refuses to play, so Lucy steps in. She enjoys being outside and running around, and particularly admires George’s healthily competitive attitude.
  • Post-tennis, George and Lucy have a conversation that’s almost flirtatious. With him, she’s sassy, natural, and charming. Cecil attempts to claim control of the conversation by reading aloud from a dreadful romance novel he’s picked up somewhere.
  • Lucy figures out that the author of the novel, one “Joseph Emery Prank,” is actually Miss Lavish.
  • Cecil is in a foul mood, since nobody’s paying attention to him. Attempting to make him feel better, Lucy encourages him to read aloud from the book.
  • Unfortunately, the scene he chooses is one of especial significance to Lucy and George: it replicates the scene of their kiss in the Italian countryside. Scandal! Horror! Lucy is appalled.
  • George, however, is inspired. On the way back to the house, Cecil goes to retrieve the book, as he left it where they were sitting. George seizes this opportunity to kiss an astounded Lucy a second time.

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