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A Room with a View Part 2, Chapter 16

By E.M. Forster

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Part 2, Chapter 16

  • Lucy realizes that Charlotte told Miss Lavish about the kiss, and confronts her cousin about it.
  • Charlotte, embarrassed and upset, admits that she did. Lucy tells her about Kiss #2, then asks Charlotte for help talking to George. This time, though, Charlotte lamely backs out – feeling helpless and exposed, she asks Lucy to do it herself.
  • George comes in soon enough, and though Lucy attempts to send him away, he stays. Impassioned, he clearly outlines all of the reasons Lucy can’t marry Cecil (in short, he’s a misogynistic prig, which we already knew).
  • George ends by declaring his love for Lucy, which, he’s certain, is “better” and more sincere than Cecil’s love for her. He even appeals to Charlotte for assistance, and is met with silence.
  • Thus rejected, he leaves.
  • Lucy and Charlotte give the situation a short debriefing, then attempt to go about their business.
  • Lucy, however, is plagued by what George said about Cecil. She realizes that she’s been blind all along, and breaks off her engagement.

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