Study Guide

Julie in The Rules of Survival

By Nancy Werlin


Julie Lindemann's story is pretty freaking sad. She doesn't appear much, mostly because Matthew doesn't come into contact with her more than once or twice, but she is Murdoch's neighbor and friend and often hangs out with him. And when Nikki stalks Murdoch after their break-up, she assumes that Julie is his new girlfriend and zeros in on her as a target. Dun dun dun…

Because Murdoch takes out a restraining order against Nikki, Nikki decides to go after Julie instead, and succeeds in hurting her super badly. Julie gets into a car accident and is paralyzed for life, but one good thing does come out of the situation: Nikki's involvement in the car crash causes her to lose custody of her kids. So in a way, Julie is the person who finally releases the Walsh kids from their horrible, oppressive home life. Too bad doing so costs her dearly.