Study Guide

'Salem's Lot Chapter 1: Ben (I)

By Stephen King

Chapter 1: Ben (I)

  • Ben Mears is driving through Maine, heading to Jerusalem's Lot.
  • Ben thinks about 25 years earlier, when he first came to the Lot.
  • A motorcycle almost hits Ben, and he is quite upset because of plot points you'll learn soon.
  • Ben gets closer to the Lot and sees some familiar sites and remembers staying there for four years with his Aunt Cindy.
  • Ben thinks about his wife Miranda, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. He has a tragic backstory, which means he is deep.
  • Ben sees the Marsten House and stops the car; he's excited and somewhat scared to see it. (Need Shmoop tell you this is more foreshadowing?)
  • Ben thinks about leasing the Marsten House, and then heads into Jerusalem's Lot.