Study Guide

'Salem's Lot Chapter 13: Father Callahan

By Stephen King

Chapter 13: Father Callahan

  • Father Callahan comes to Matt Burke's sickroom and finds him reading books about vampires.
  • Callahan is intrigued.
  • Matt says he hasn't been able to get in touch with Ben, Jimmy Cody, or Susan Norton, whose parents are worried about her. (Ben and Jimmy are dealing with Mrs. Glick; Susan's been captured.)
  • Callahan toys with the idea that Matt is suffering from sickbed dementia, but Matt convinces him to listen to his story, anyway.
  • When Matt's done, Callahan tells his own story about a friend who heard a story about an incubus.
  • Matt asks Callahan to do some investigation, bringing Holy Water and the Host. Callahan says that that is a very serious thing. So are vampires, man.
  • Matt and Callahan talk about evil and about how Freud has replaced God for the Catholic Church. Womp womp. Father Callahan hates that.
  • So Callahan agrees to help against the vampires. At first he's exhilarated; then he's terrified.