Study Guide

'Salem's Lot Chapter 15: Ben and Mark

By Stephen King

Chapter 15: Ben and Mark

  • Ben and Mark drive away to a motel. Mark is still somewhat upset.
  • Back in the Lot, the vampires start using cunning to get the few remaining humans. The Crocketts trick Royal Snow into coming over, and they kill him. Glynis Mayberry asks to come over to Mabel Werts, and gets her.
  • Delbert Markey and Milt Crossen get got, too.
  • Ben comes back the next day for his things. He also gets Jimmy's body.
  • Ben finds Barlow's teeth still there; they twist in his hand when he picks them up.
  • Ben goes to the Petries and digs a grave for them and Jimmy.
  • The town is deserted, and Ben grieves for it briefly. Then he gets out of there.