Study Guide

'Salem's Lot Chapter 8: Ben (III)

By Stephen King

Chapter 8: Ben (III)

  • Eva wakes Ben up to tell him he has a phone call. It's Matt, who asks him to come at once and bring a cross or a St. Christopher's Medal.
  • Ben doesn't have one, but he gets a crucifix from Eva, who is understandably confused.
  • We like Eva. She's one of those townspeople we don't necessarily want to see turned into a vampire. (Though maybe that would work out for her. We don't know her all that well.)
  • Ben finds Matt completely freaked out, as you'd be too if you had to deal with vampires.
  • Matt brings Ben up to date, and they go upstairs to look in on Mike; Matt is afraid he's dead.
  • Mike seems to be sleeping peacefully. However, the window is open, and Matt knows he shut and locked it.
  • Also, there's a drop of blood on the coverlet, and Mike isn't breathing. The marks have disappeared from his neck.
  • Matt points out that this is what happens with vampires. He says they should put a stake through Mike's heart, but Ben says that won't go down well with the authorities.
  • Ben also says he believes Matt is not crazy, but everyone else will think he is if he starts talking about vampires.
  • Matt and Ben agree to call the doctor and the law.
  • Parkins Gillespie and Jimmy Cody come out. Jimmy confirms that Ryerson is dead.
  • Parkins notices that the screen on Ryerson's window fell off and is in the grass outside. Then he goes off to do the paperwork, but he knows something weird is going on.
  • Matt and Ben recommit to going to the Marsten House. Ben says he'll get in touch with Susan; Matt decides to ask the undertaker if Danny Glick was embalmed.
  • Back at the boarding house, Ben goes to sleep. He wakes up, and things feel better and brighter. He goes out planning to contact Susan and runs into Floyd Tibbets in sunglasses and an overcoat.
  • Floyd slugs him.