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Nora in Seedfolks

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Here's the deal: Nora tells us next to nothing about herself. She says she's British, and that's about all we get. How old is she? That's unclear, folks. When did Nora move to America? Sorry Shmoopers, we can't tell you. Instead of giving us personal details, Nora focuses her story on Mr. Myles, the elderly man who needs her help to get around.

But that doesn't mean we can't use our sleuth skills to discover more about her. Actually, we can learn a ton about Nora by watching the way she treats Mr. Myles. Take a look at what a thoughtful lady Nora turns out to be:

I determined that Mr. Myles should do more than simply watch, wheelchair or no.

I worked on the problem in my head. Two days later, driving to his apartment, I stopped at the garden and unloaded a large plastic trash barrel and a shovel. I wheeled him up an hour later, used my pocketknife to cut holes in the bottom of the barrel for drainage, and built up a fine sweat shoveling in dirt. I'd brought with me a dozen seed packets. (10.5)

That's some thinking. Nora is determined and not afraid to get dirty so that Mr. M can plant his part of the garden. And from what she tells us, it doesn't sound like Nora plants any seeds of her own. This is one selfless lady.

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