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Seedfolks Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • Nora is the name of our newest narrator, and she's our resident British gal. She's nurse to a guy named Mr. Myles who has had a few strokes. He needs a wheelchair and can't really tell Nora what he wants since he's lost his ability to speak.
  • But Nora isn't about to let this old man stay inside all day. Nope, Nora takes Mr. M out for lots of walks.
  • Okay, every character who's taken a walk has ended up discovering you know what. So while Nora and Mr. M are out on a walk, what do you think they happen across? Oh yes, it's the Gibb Street community garden.
  • Mr. Myles is excited as can be about this new discovery. He can't talk, but Nora can tell how much he's enjoying the sights and smells of the garden. Actually, Nora is pretty into the garden, too.
  • Because she's an awesome nurse, Nora hatches a plan. She's going to help Mr. M plant a garden. So she comes up with a clever idea: she'll make the garden the right height for Mr. M in his wheelchair by filling a trash bin with dirt. Yep, Nora is a smarty pants.
  • Mr. Miles can't get enough of his new patch in the garden. He loves to spend time there, tending to his plants. He's a happy camper.
  • One day, a huge rainstorm has Nora and Mr. M camped out under a store awning with the other gardeners. The cool thing is that this means everyone gets to know each other. And now Mr. M and Nora have some new buddies in town.
  • Nora is so into the community garden that she tells all her buds who visit her about it. To Nora, it's the best spot in Cleveland, hands down.

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