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Seedfolks Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


  • We've got a whole new narrator for Chapter 2. And based on this chapter's title, we're thinking her name is Ana. Hey Ana!
  • Ana tells us that she moved from Romania into her apartment on Gibb Street in 1919 when she was just four years old. Want to figure out where this date fits on your mental timeline? Well Ana moved the same year as the official end of World War I.
  • Our gal Ana likes to look out of her apartment window and people-watch. This means she's watched the neighborhood change over the years. According to Ana, lots of people move into the neighborhood and then move out.
  • So one day, Ana is peering out her window and she sees "a little black-haired girl, hiding behind that refrigerator" (2.3). The little girl is burying something in the ground. (Sound familiar?)
  • Ana can't tell what's going on in the vacant lot, but she has a bad feeling about it. Ana figures that the little girl probably buried something dangerous, like drugs or a gun. Um, that's pretty serious assumption to make.
  • So Ana decides to take on the role of detective and get to the bottom of this hiding-behind-the-fridge-and-burying-something business. Ana watches from her window, but she can't solve the mystery. Eventually, she figures she'll just have to go down to the lot and dig up the buried secret herself.
  • And that's just what Ana does. Once she's in the lot, she pokes around with a butter knife and pulls up some white beans with roots growing from them. Uh oh. Ana feels horrible about digging up the beans.
  • The next day, Ana watches the little girl (who we know for sure is Kim now) go to her buried lima beans and water them. Plus, she steps up her snooping game and gets herself some binoculars.

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