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Seedfolks Family

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With thirteen main characters, you can bet we're going to encounter plenty of families in Seedfolks. And that's just what we get. Many of our leading ladies and gents move to Cleveland as a family, which means they need to tackle their new surroundings together. Other players have lost relatives and are looking for some way to connect with the family that's no longer with them. And guess what plays a big role in connecting families together? You got it: the garden.

Questions About Family

  1. Are the family relationships in Seedfolks portrayed positively or negatively?
  2. What are all the different types of families represented in this book? Why is it important that there are so many kinds of families in Seedfolks?
  3. Does the community garden affect family relationships? How so?

Chew on This

Forget about the new friendships formed in the garden. Seedfolks is all about family.

In Seedfolks, family relationships are filled with sorrow—no matter what.

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