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Seedfolks Language and Communication

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Language and Communication

Step into the community garden on Gibb Street, and you'll hear all sorts of different languages. Why? Because people from all different countries move to Cleveland and start gardens in the lot on Gibb Street. The only downside is that sometimes these languages can make it tough for the characters to talk to one another. But never fear: Seedfolks is full of resourceful men and women. Many of our characters even find ways to talk without words. Just check out Wendell: for this dude, talking can be as simple as smiling. Sure, it's not always that easy, but if anything's going to bring these people together, we're thinking is this one-of-a-kind garden.

Questions About Language and Communication

  1. What languages are spoken in the Gibb Street community garden? Do these different languages help people communicate, or do they make it more difficult?
  2. How do the characters communicate without words? What non-verbal ways do they use to express themselves?
  3. How does the garden enable communication between neighbors? Does this communication only have a positive effect, or are there negative effects, too?

Chew on This

Seedfolks argues that speaking the same language is important. Without a common language, no one will ever get along.

In Seedfolks, it doesn't matter if characters don't speak the same language. In the end, they'll all find ways to break any communication barriers.

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