Study Guide

Seedfolks Race

By Paul Fleischman


Unless you're totally post-racial (in which case, congratulations!), you probably noticed that all the people in Seedfolks come from different racial backgrounds. But the Gibb Street lot brings them all together with one common goal: a flourishing garden. It's not all rainbows and butterflies—some of our characters have internalized some nasty racial stereotypes. But as they're cultivating their garden, the Seedfolks are also cultivating diversity, one step at a time.

Questions About Race

  1. How do people of different races interact with each other in Seedfolks? Are the interactions generally positive or negative?
  2. What assumptions do the characters make based on race? Are there any characters that avoid making assumptions or believing stereotypes altogether?
  3. Does Seedfolks argue that diversity is a good thing? How so?

Chew on This

Seedfolks tells us that if you work hard at cultivating diversity, everyone can value cultural differences and learn to get along.

Cultivating diversity can be a struggle. In Seedfolks, not all the characters get along easily and some continue to make assumptions based on race.