Study Guide

Sense and Sensibility Chapter 15

By Jane Austen

Chapter 15

  • The next day, Mrs. Dashwood goes to visit Lady Middleton, with Elinor and Margaret in tow. Marianne stays home.
  • When they arrive back at the cottage, Willoughby is apparently already there. Marianne, looking tragic, rushes past them as they come home. Willoughby himself explains that he has been called away to London by his rich cousin, Mrs. Smith.
  • There's a totally weird moment between Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, and Willoughby – they try and invite him to come back and stay with them for a while, but he's oddly evasive. He makes a quick escape.
  • Elinor is immediately suspicious of Willoughby's strange situation – can it be that something has gone wrong between him and her sister?
  • Mrs. Dashwood and Elinor mull over the events of the day. They can't understand what's going on with Willoughby.
  • Mrs. Dashwood thinks that Mrs. Smith is sending Willoughby away intentionally, to separate him from Marianne. Elinor, however, is sure that there's something up – and that Willoughby's not being honest with them.
  • Again, the pair wonders if Willoughby and Marianne are really engaged.
  • Mrs. Dashwood remains firmly convinced that Willoughby's a good guy.
  • That evening, Marianne looks like she's been crying, and is about to cry some more. She's totally devastated by Willoughby's disappearance.